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Ayurvedic Medicine for BP VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet

Ayurvedic Medicine for BP VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet or Better known as BP Control Tablet from Vaidyashree Ayurveda is a complete herbal solution that lowers blood volume, controls high blood pressure, and keeps the heart rate steady. rauwolfia serpentina (sarpagandh) is in the BP Control Tablet.

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Ayurvedic Medicine BP India | Buy VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet

Because of this, they work on the heart and circulatory system to lower blood pressure. Working on the vasomotor center causes vasodilation all over the body and a drop in blood pressure.

It has boerhavia diffusa (punarnava), a natural diuretic that helps lower blood pressure. Because it increases blood flow to the kidneys, it works with other herbs to lower blood pressure. Pedalium murex (gokhru) also helps lower blood fat and keeps high blood pressure in check. All of these herbs work together to help control high blood pressure in a big way.

Ayurvedic Medicine BP India – Ingredients

  • Terminalia arjuna (Arjun): strengthens the muscles of the heart.
  • Ashwagandha, also called Rauvolfia serpentina, works on the heart and blood vessels to lower blood pressure.
  • Pedalium murex (gokhru): It helps lower the amount of fat in the blood.
  • Boerhavia Diffusa (punranava): Helps to regulate digestive fire and lowers ama.

Ayurvedic Medicine BP India – Dosage

How to Use Ayurvedic Medicine BP India VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet : Take 1-2 tablets twice daily, preferably with water after meals or as your doctor tells you.

Ayurvedic Medicine BP India – Benefits:

  • Ayurvedic Medicine BP India VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet Controls High Blood Pressure and Stabilises Heart Rate: It has rauwolfia serpentine (ashwagandha), which causes generalized vasodilation and helps control blood pressure and stabilize heart rate.
  • Strengthen heart muscles: The effect of Terminalia arjuna (Arjun) is that it strengthens and tones the heart muscles, which helps them work well and stay strong.
  • Improves Circuitry And Increases Urinating: The diuretic effect of pendulum murex (gokhru) increases urination and improves circulation.
  • Herbs are traditionally used to help blood pressure, and the heart was chosen to be 100% natural and of the highest quality.
  • Formulated only by doctors who know what they are doing. Designed to have the best mix of ingredients. Made in a facility that meets ISO and GMP standards.
  • The Ayurvedic Formulary of India has certified Ayurvedic Medicine BP India VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet B Capsules, and the Ayurvedic Government Organization, AYUSH, has approved it for controlling blood pressure.

Prevention of High Blood Pressure

Living a healthy life by taking Ayurvedic Medicine BP India VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet, is the best way to avoid high blood pressure. MedlinePlus says that this includes:

  • Eating well is important.
  • Keeping your weight in a good range
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Not smoking
  • Getting less alcohol
  • Lessening the stress

How is high blood pressure handled?

Your doctor or nurse will make a plan for how to treat you. Your treatment plan will be based on the findings of your tests, your physical exam, and your specific needs. A big part of treatment is choosing to live healthily. It can help keep high blood pressure from getting out of hand.

This could mean losing extra weight, eating less fat and salt, drinking no more than two drinks each day for men and one drink for women, and beginning a regular exercise program approved by your healthcare provider. If you smoke, your healthcare provider will tell you to stop. If you smoke, you are more likely to have problems like heart attacks or strokes.

You may also need to take medicine to bring down your blood pressure. There are a lot of good ways to treat high blood pressure. Different medicines like Ayurvedic Medicine BP India VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet, may need to be used together sometimes. Even if you don’t feel sick, you should take these medicines as directed. This happens because high blood pressure is harmful even when it shows no signs.

How to help me keep my blood pressure under control With Ayurvedic Medicine BP India

You can assist yourself by doing what follows:

  • Check with your doctor regularly or take Ayurvedic Medicine BP India VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet.
  • Take all your medications as prescribed, even if you feel fine. Also, follow your doctor’s advice about what to eat and how much to exercise.
  • Stop smoking, and if you do smoke, don’t drink more than one gram of alcohol a day. Get your entire parents involved in your care plan.

Don’t hesitate to ask your healthcare supplier for Ayurvedic Medicine BP India VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet or any queries or problems. If you follow your treatment regimen, you can keep your blood pressure under control and help avoid more serious problems.

Additional Ayurvedic Medicines to Lower Blood Pressure:


Amla, also called Indian Gooseberry, works well as ayurvedic medicine for high blood pressure. It has vitamin C, which helps lower cholesterol in the blood and makes blood vessels bigger. Drinking amla juice on an empty stomach daily can help with high blood pressure and other health problems.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola, also called Indian Pennywort, is often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. This bitter herb can help blood flow and lower blood pressure when taken in small amounts.


Ashwagandha is a herb that you can add in small amounts to your evening tea. It has been shown to lower blood pressure along with pressure areas for blood pressure. Studies also show it can help people with diabetes lower their blood sugar.


Garlic tends to help lower your blood pressure because it naturally thins the blood and lowers cholesterol. Eating one garlic clove in the morning will benefit your health in many ways.


Two teaspoons of honey mixed with warm water each morning can do amazing things for your health. Honey is a great way to calm high blood pressure and relax the walls of blood vessels. You don’t have to immediately try these finest ayurvedic medicines for high blood pressure.



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